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Hello everybody who likes dogs, pitbulls and (am.)staffies!

I am 1,5 year, pitbulldogo (1/4 dogo argentino). We don`t have any real pitbull register in Finland, but you can register your pitbull to amstaff...I am not real pitbull or amstaff because of that dogo argentino..I hope you understand my english :)

I am very lovely, weard, cute, strong, and everything else..I`m always there where is my owners, its funny!If you have pitbull, you know what i mean :)..staring at all the time, and if you go to kitchen or somewhere, casillero is walking too...lovely.


Hi! I¨m amstaff Luna from Spain! My age is 1 year!.

I'm Casis girlfriend, i love CASI!

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